Nobel Brothers’ 2nd International Research-Innovative Conference

September 13-14, 2013, Stockholm, Sweden


Conference hosted by Nobel Oil and the event organizer Azerbaijan Scandinavian Cooperation, in collaboration with Center for Business History.

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An international research promoting project was initiated in 2010 by the Centre for Business History in Stockholm, resulting in the website with a free digital database. Based on this fact the Azeri initiatives to further collaboration on this theme gave rise to the first Nobel Brothers International Conference 2012 in Baku, Azerbaijan.

In order to further stimulate researchers to make use of those resources and worldwide sources on BraNobel, organizers announce the second Nobel Brothers International conference in Stockholm on September 13-14, 2013. The partners of the conference are the international institutions as the Nobel Family Society, the Nobel Museum in Stockholm, Centre for Business History in Stockholm, Baku Nobel Heritage Fund, Nobel International Fraternity, National Historical Archive of Azerbaijan, National Archives of Georgia, Nobel Brothers Batumi Technological Museum.

The overall purpose of the Conference is to increase the understanding of successful innovations in the technical field as well as in the social and socioeconomic fields. The conference focus on issues as how to build sustainable innovation system, the transition of the company during the revolution and the story of the employees after the revolution, the relationship inside the triangle Standard oil of Rockefeller, Rothschild’s family and BraNobel.

The specific focus of this conference will be on Geopolitical realities of that time and the consequences of BraNobel nationalization for the world oil industry. We welcome the contributions of speeches and papers to be more focused on special themes and with an ambition that all contribution should conclude with a part that tries to translate the finding into questions and problems of the present. That is to reveal our history but try to make use of the knowledge and translate it into today’s society. 

  1. Nobel Brothers Oil Producing Company legacy: history, features
  2. Nobel Brothers Oil Producing Company Places, Distribution and environmental issues
  3. Nobel Brothers Oil Producing Company and Azerbaijani Society
  4. Nobel Brothers Employees, top managers, blue and white collar workers
  5. Nobel Brothers Innovation System in the First Baku Oil boom
  6. Innovation System in the Second/Current Baku Oil boom “Thinking Ahead”

We also welcome papers discussing innovation in all levels of the vertically totally integrated BraNobel Company, which is e.g.Official languages of the Conference: English, Azerbaijani and Russian.


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