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Announcement of the

Nobel Brothers’ 1st International Research-Innovative Conference


October 22-23, 2012, Baku, Azerbaijan




Conference hosted by Baku Nobel Heritage Fund, State Oil Company of Azerbaijan Republic and the event organizer Azerbaijan Scandinavian Cooperation

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An international research promoting project was initiated in 2010 by the Centre for Business History in Stockholm, resulting in the website and the foundation of a free digital database with old Nobel oil industry documents (1870-1920) from historical archives in numerous countries.

In order to further stimulate researchers to make use of those resources and worldwide sources on Bra Nobel, the above listed Azerbaijani organizations have now taken the initiative to organize an international research conference, the first of which is to take place in Baku on October 22-23, 2012, at the premises of legendary Villa Petrolea. The planning and implementation of the conference is supported by international institutions and resource persons, including the Nobel Family Society, Centre for Business History in Stockholm, Nobel International Fraternity, National Historical Archive of Azerbaijan, National Archives of Georgia, Nobel Brothers Batumi Technological Museum.

                The overall purpose of the Conference is to increase the understanding of successful innovations in the technical field as well as in the social and socioeconomic fields. The specific purpose of the Conference is to use experiences from The Nobel Brothers Petroleum Production Company (Bra Nobel Company) as a lever to understand innovation processes.  We welcome papers discussing innovation in all levels of the vertically totally integrated Bra Nobel Company, which is e.g.

  • Management in a broad sense, including e.g. leadership, financial and accounting system, organization, economy and investments;
  • HR, Human Resources, activities such as salary and bonus systems, education for the employees and their families, housing, medical care, pensions, schools;
  • Production system;
  • Distribution system;


We also welcome papers on Bra Nobel’s activities in a wider aspect where innovations are not the main focus. Research on such activities can promote not only an understanding of what created the success of the company but also about mistakes that were done underway. In the long run this can be of value for deepening the comprehension of innovations.


Official and working languages of Conference: English, Azerbaijani and Russian.

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